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OUR Story

How it all started

The aha moment

After launching debit and credit products across Europe, the United States, and Latin America at some of the world's largest unicorns, our founder Nabi was frustrated by the complexity and costliness of creating new financial products.

He also realized that there were almost insurmountable obstacles in the way for innovators to bring new products to market and make a real impact in niche communities.

Nabi partnered with close friend Ali and together they crafteda new vision for financial inclusion.

Democratizing access to financial infastructure

As the former Global Chief Product Officer of Rappi, Latin America's unicorn super app, and the former Product Principal at Revolut & Monzo, the world's largest challenger banks, Nabi knows the power of fintech and how it can transform the lives of millions.

His vision for Lynk is to do the same thing for financial infrastructure — allow any company to offer contextual financial products easily and programmatically to their customers.

Ali had similar experiences at PayPal and Tio Networks, where he led commercial teams and actively worked on initiatives focused on financial inclusion through the United States.


This is what we stand for

We believe that any success at Lynk comes from two things: our people and our culture. We believe that brilliant people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcome.

Deliver wow

We love building great products, we love delighting our customers, we love turning the complexity of a chaotic world into the simplicity of a beautiful solution that solves customer needs.

Never settle

Lynk is for those who always strive for excellence, for those who want to become the best in the world at what they do, for those who would never settle for less. Lynk is for 10x people.

Get it done

We stopped listening to excuses a long time ago - we care about results. We believe that grit, determination, skill, smartness, and courage can break through almost any wall.


What we believe matters

Try new things and make
it happen

They say that there's no shame in failing, the shame is in not trying. We believe this is the best approach to building a successful, open-minded team. The confidence to take ownership and question the status quo are essential to the workplace we want to build.

Honesty and kindness
always win

A culture of feedback needs a foundation of kindness. We believe that openness and transparency promotes the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build a better workplace and happier team members.

Radical candor is at the heart of what we do


Celebrate the little things everyday



Leadership Team


Don't just take our
word for it


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