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How much can you save a year by using Lynk?

In today's high inflation, and rising interest rate environment, banks are passing their higher cost of funds onto merchants. Use this simple fee savings calculator to see for yourself how Lynk can help fuel your company growth by reducing your processing card fees and increasing your customer loyalty significantly.

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The true cost of building financial products.

Use our interactive tool below to discover the amazing cost savings across product development, vendor, legal, and ongoing fees by using Lynk's platform instead of building things out yourself.

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Our card fee saving calculator is not financial advice; it is for illustrative purposes only and the results are estimates based on card fees ranging from 2.9% to 5%. The calculator may be a useful tool in helping you estimate how much you currently pay in card fees over time and how much you could save using a branded payment system such as Lynk, but you should understand that it has limitations nor does it account for inflation. Also, fee rates may vary depending on the company.