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Successful financial products aren’t just built on technology - they also require experience and knowledge to avoid expensive mistakes

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Launch personalized financial solutions quickly and easily

Build financial services from consumer credit cards to business bank accounts, KYC to KYB, money movement to card issuance, and more — all in a single, unified platform

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Future-proof your roadmap with our all-in-one, full-service banking suite

Lynk is the only full-service, all-in-one, embedded finance platform that is multi-product, bank agnostic, and will grow with you over time, regardless of what type of financial services you initially offer your customers. Build payments, money movement, debit and credit cards with one integration and one contract.


Industry experts as your program manager

No need to have banking licenses or worry about compliance. We manage all of that for you, which is all part of our exceptional partnership model. Our platform makes it easy to build dashboards, reports, and presentations —plus, we take care of fraud detection and mitigation for you.

build the future today!

Most secure, bank-grade platform

We ensure live transactions 24/7/365, integrate seamlessly and predictably, provide system metrics, handle failures without impacting end users, and protect customer data at all costs


Data as your strategic advantage

Our universal ledger securely consolidates anonymized, aggregated financial data about your end users so you can tailor your products for a perfect custom fit

build the future today!

Consultative approach to find the right solutions for your customers

We’re your partner. We help you build the right financial products for your customers, choose the right bank, and meet all your milestones for your program.


Flexible APIs built on top of a unified data platform

Build solutions easily and intuitively using modern JSON over HTTP REST APIs with Lynk. Unify your data through Lynk's Universal Ledger, your consistent source of truth across all of your customers and products.

Create and verify the identity of a customer or business

Organize a hierarchy of accounts and sub-accounts

Link external accounts and transfer funds to and from those accounts

Build data-rich customer experiences with automated custom reporting across all of your customers and financial products

build the future today!

Launch quickly and stay organized

Avoid spending months evaluating sponsor banks, negotiating arcane contracts, and struggling with incomplete documentation and poorly designed APIs

Launch in far less than the 18-24 months it would take you to build financial products in-house

Onboard with intuitive workflows that manage all of the documents, policies, and approvals to launch your product

Assign tasks to your teammates and manage them through an intuitive platform. Collaborate with colleagues in real time.


Scale your program with clean data and beautiful dashboards

All data flows in, gets cleaned and aggregated, then is displayed in simple detail so you always know the health of your program.

Pre-configured dashboards show the number of customers, transactions, activated cards, and much more

View and monitor transactions in real-time on individual accounts

See how your customers are converting through the funnel and where you can improve

Track the performance of the entire customer journey, from KYC to dispute resolution

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