Reduce Credit Card processing fees by up to 90%

Lynk is a branded payments platform that helps small-to-medium-sized marketplace and gig economy companies reduce processing fees and increase customer loyalty.

Trusted by fast-growing startups
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Grow your loyalty program while reducing fees

Lynk’s branded payment solution empowers startups to own the payment experience. Similar to how Starbucks owns their transaction ecosystem with their branded payment wallet. Today merchants fund big banks' loyalty programs with fees. Lynk enables you to keep more money to fund your loyalty reward programs.

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Why Lynk

Card Network Controlled Payment System

High processing fees 2.9% - 5%

Processing networks, payment aggregators and major card providers are controlling the fees.

Difficult and expensive to create sticky customer loyalty programs.

Limited and fragmented insights into customer behavior.

Non-branded payments.

Traditional Payment Types

Owning your own payment ecosystem

Low processing fees 0.5% - 1%.

Transaction ecosystem ownership.

Inject fee cost savings into customer loyalty programs that fuel your business growth.

Full access to rich customer data in a centralized dashboard.

Branded payments.

Your Branded Payments

Branded payments for marketplaces and gig economies

Launch in 3 steps

Set up is simple

We’ve simplified the process of launching branded payment to get you to market faster than anyone else.

Register and Launch

Complete our onboarding process so we can verify your business.


Your Branding

Build deep relationships with your customers by having your brand be part of their daily financial experience and delight them with rewards and incentives.

Customer Support

Our team of experts is here to help you each step of the way.



What others are saying

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Intuitive and functional

It’s intuitive, functional, easy to set up, and is embedded seamlessly into our product. It has helped increase my customer growth by more than 110%

Sean Merat
testimonial author
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Significant yearly savings in processing fees

Lynk has allowed me to fund my own customer loyalty rewards with significant yearly savings in processing fees. The loyalty rewards program helped increase my repeat business by more than 50%

Fez Rismani
testimonial author
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A valuable way in keeping my brand in the center

Lynk’s branded payments are a valuable way in keeping my brand in the center of the entire customer transaction. It was very easy to implement with my existing product and the Lynk team was here to help me every step of the way

Amin Eskooch
testimonial author